ArtExpo2015 Milano

ArtExpo2015 Milano 



ArtExpo 2015 is not simply another Art fair. ArtExpo 2015 is an in-depth project where artists, art lovers, and art collectors can meet each other and see the links that exist between business and art. ArtMeet is proud to exhibit work from some of the best artists worldwide, and to present this international event in art and culture for visitors coming from around the world to Milano. We have been working on this idea since 2013, in order to coincide with an important event in Milano, and we have found the perfect location in one of the most interesting areas of the city. Many people representing institutions, artists, corporate and media partners will participate in ArtExpo. For this major event, we have chosen an interesting area of Milano, the Mecenate quarter, which is one of the most important areas in the city for events, culture, and for the entertainment industry. The studios of RAI (Italian Radio and Television) and those of SKY Italia, are also located here. We are right opposite the new Headquarters of Gucci too. THIS 90 DAY ART EXHIBITION ORGANIZED BY ARTMEET MILANO WILL TAKE PLACE HERE FROM JULY 2ND TO SEPTEMBER 30TH 2015. See you soon at ArtExpo2015 Milano.






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Art Direction






ArtMeet was founded as a creative network, connecting buyers and art collectors with some of the best international contemporary art available. Since 2013, ArtMeet has shown work at the ArtMeet Gallery by some of the most exciting artists from around Europe, as well as many of our best Italian artist. We have collaborated with the Embassies of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Republic of Poland, Belgium, the General Consulate of the Netherlands, as well as the Austrian Forum of Culture in Milano. We have also worked with companies and associations such as Unicef Italia and Amref Italia. Our Art Labs, (workshops) in support of Unicef Italia, donated the work “Big Yellow” to them. This work was sponsored by Maimeri Spa, and made by the artists Ludmilla Radchenko, Alexander Kanevsky and Patrizia Canola, and also included active participation by children. ArtMeet has created this exciting project ArtExpo2015 to run alongside the Universal Expo 2015 in Milan. A 90-day art exhibition from July 2 to September 30 2015, presented during Universal Expo 2015 in one of the most interesting areas of Milan, Art business conferences and workshops. Art and Creative Labs (workshops) for artists, children, families, tourists and the citizens of Milan.





Gartam LTD  – Event Organizer

ArtMeet Gallery  – Art Direction

ArtMeet Staff – Artists selection

Alan D’Orlando / Melissa Colangelo – Format

Marco Laudicina - Cultural Advisor


ArtExpo2015 Milano is an idea by Melissa Colangelo/Alan D’Orlando.

All photos are rights reserved by East End Studios or by Marchetti Giacomo ph.



East End Studios

Via Mecenate 84/10 Milano

Why Milano?




Universal Expo Milano

Information from the official website of Expo 2015 expo2015


Expo Milano 2015 is a non-commercial Universal Exposition with some very unique and innovative features. Not only is it an exhibition but also a process, one of active participation among a large number of players around the theme of Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. It is sustainable, technological, thematic and focused on its visitors. Open from May 1 to October 31, 2015, the Expo will host over 130 participants. Running for 184 days, this giant exhibition site, covering one million square meters, is expected to welcome over 20 million visitors.

A journey of tastes

Visitors will experience a unique journey that looks at the complex theme of nutrition. They will have the possibility to take a trip around the world, sampling the food and traditions of people from all over the globe. Expo Milano 2015 will be the first Exposition in history to be remembered not only for its products but also for its contribution towards education on food and the planet’s precious resources.